Testing Facebook Fan page reach versus Google+ conversions

Tired of reviewing, writing and editing content over the last 6 weeks, this weekend I decided to run a slightly skewed social experiment. I had always wondered about the practical reach of my social network fan pages and over the month of June I had been tweaking my […]

The startup scene in Karachi.

I came back home (Karachi) in 2003 and for a list of odd reasons decided to decline two respectable offers to shift to startup mode again.

The first two years were a slog. The network I had left when I headed to the US in the ’90′s had grown in prominence and […]

Risk Training’s new interface for 2013 We asked, you answered, we delivered. Based on your feedback, the absolutely essential Google page analytics tool and our friends at Pingdom.com we have been hard at work for the last few months. You, dear readers, asked us to deliver:A faster, more responsive site. More focus on risk, risk training and risk […]

700 risk model training pdf and excel downloads later.A year ago, just before the ids of March kicked off we booked our biggest month of sales. While FinanceTrainingCourse.com had evolved and grown ever since its humble beginning as a wordpress blog, last year was special. We had scrounged to put together a workable budget for […]