Pakistan Technology Industry Survey – 2018. TL;DR; Ever wondered what a typical technology company looks like in Pakistan. Are we big or small, domestic or international focuses, services or products driven? What proportion of our workforce are women? Why is that important? Are we clustered

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Building startups. I teach a course on building startups to undergraduate students at a local university. The audience includes sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors. We cover themes that touch the startup mindset, road maps to credibility and launch, customer personas, pitching, selling, product development, innovation

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The community wins at the Nestio Startup Weekend, Karachi. If you need to feel the buzz in Karachi, the Nestio is a good bet to get an instant triple shot of positive vibe, optimism and hope. On any given evening the community tends to be

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Startup Founders and Failure. After a break of thirteen years I finally agreed to teach the Startup and Founders Crash Course in the full 12 week format at Habib University this year. The course uses a failure based framework to teach startup founding teams how

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