Option Pricing – Pricing Exotic Options using Monte Carlo simulators This is our third post in the Exotic Option pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation series. We walk through the minor tweaks required in our Monte Carlo Simulation model to price Asian, Lookback, Barrier & Chooser Options. Our assumption is that you have been following our prior posts […]

Option pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation In our post on Option Pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation, we walk through a simple modeling framework used for pricing vanilla as well as exotic options in Excel. After the framework is introduced we drop a few hints on how to price Asian, Barrier, Ladder & Chooser options using Monte […]

Exotic Derivatives & Option pricing weekend challenge This week exotic option pricing challenge focuses on chooser and compound option pricing using Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel. Hints to the solution will be posted separately within the next 12 hours. Let’s see if you can crack this first before I go ahead and post the solved solution. […]