Course Guide & Price List

After a number of requests for an offline, easier to use, read and work with electronic version of our courses, Learning Corporate Finance announces the soft launch of its online course inventory store.  For soft launch, our most popular Value at Risk (VaR) and Interest Rate Derivatives courses have been converted into PDF files with supporting Excel calculation examples. Pricing is reasonably flexible. Save a few dollars by picking our secured, non-printable, student pdf editions. Pay a few dollars more for the privilege of printing and sharing.  Taking a peek at our excel files will also set you back by (you guessed it) yet more dollars.  And if you dislike our capitalist initiatives to earn a few cents on the side and would like to have every thing for free, the html editions of the courses are available here Value at Risk (VaR) and here (Interest Rate Derivatives course for free. The MS Excel files work through the same examples included in the free online courses. The Corporate Finance and Ratio Analysis courses include a full solved case. The Corporate Finance case is based Electronic Arts (EA), while the Ratio Analysis case works with Office Depot (ODP) and Staples (STPLS). The Value at Risk (VaR) course includes a case on Risk management within the Petrochemical industry. The Interest Rate Swap, Interest Rate Option course includes solved examples for pricing IRS, CCS, Interest Rate Caps, Interest Rate Floors and Range Accrual Notes. The ALM course includes worked example for calculating Interest Rate Gaps, Market Value of Equity, Cost to Close and Earning at Risk report templates. For less than the price of a Starbuck Frap, Mocha or Expresso, here is the opportunity to take our PDF and Excel samples, examples and calculations home with you. Please note in the interest of full disclosure these are academic, illustrative learning tools, not full blown nuclear powered pricing models. Please do your own due diligence and read our waivers and disclosures before you make life and death decisions based on the opinions of random strangers.