Celebrating Juno’s arrival on Jupiter. A five year journey comes to its planned end this coming Tuesday. As Juno prepares for Jupiter Orbital Insertion (JOI), the sequence of event and planning required to get Juno to this point is worthy of a risk management case

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Excel Tips. Bringing clarity of thought to Excel charts. Sometimes in the midst of an exploratory trip with a data set a relationship just jumps out of the undergrowth and surprises you.  This happened yesterday evening as I was fooling around with a thesis.  As

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Doha Oil Output Freeze talks. 7 Questions for Oil trading playbook in April. On April 17th 2016 a dozen key oil producers, OPEC members and non-members, will meet in Doha, Qatar to discuss the future of oil prices.  The big item on the table is

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Saudi oil strategy. How low can they go? The Saudi oil strategy is the most riveting of the lot.  The lot associated with the dynamics of crude oil pricing. But first some context. The top three crude oil producers in the world may switch places with each

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Russian roulette. Oil prices and the Siberian bear. All is apparently not well in Moscow. After two years of isolation, internal belt tightening and months of unabated oil price declines, the Russian economy is struggling to answer a core question.  How do you bridge the

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Tehran. Not Exactly Middle East The first thing I notice about Tehran is the airport is not in a bad state. For a country supposedly crippled by sanctions and isolation for over a decade, one would expect some signs of disrepair. But the terminal is refreshingly

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Taha’s school. When Taha’s school asked us to start thinking about alternate arrangements for him, it sounded like the end of the world.  For six years Taha had been part of a main stream school in Karachi that gave him friends, a social circle, loving

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Building a great marketing video. A case study Build your story board first. If you are familiar with technology it is like a design document, a wiring or architecture blue print, shows you where all the big or small pieces go.  It needs to align

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The Gilgit Serena Hotel. Gilgit Serena’s facade is unassuming.  The driveway is paved with uneven pieces of slate.  There is a security barrier and a guard. The lobby is standard plush red carpet with hand woven pattern, the staff welcoming with open and generous smiles.

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The road to Gilgit. 24 years ago my memories of Chilas are of unending barren vistas and heat. Post Besham and Dasu, once you cross into Diamer you can immediately see the transition. Green moss and tree covered mountains transitioning into iron rich cliff faces

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