AWS: On Demand vs Reserved EC2 instances For every start up there comes a stage when you need to rethink hosting. Sometimes the decision is driven by growth, sometimes by downtime but quite often the consideration is ongoing cost. When we started using AWS for

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Startup Founders and Standup Comedy in Karachi. Of all the startups incubated at the there is one that stole and broke my heart. Adil and Junaid Malik, both graduates of Nimal College, Mianawali moved to Karachi to follow their dream of building a technology

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Portfolio Management and Optimization Assessment This is a sample portfolio management and assessment exam used for the Executive MBA version of the course. Enrolled participants Students were given three hours to solve this assessment exam.   All question are to be solved used the exam

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Startup Founders and Failure. After a break of thirteen years I finally agreed to teach the Startup and Founders Crash Course in the full 12 week format at Habib University this year. The course uses a failure based framework to teach startup founding teams how

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The Life Insurance Company Portfolio Optimization Challenge solution. There are a number of changes that we need to make to our existing model before we can build the solution for life insurance portfolio optimization challenge.  As mentioned earlier the insurance portfolio challenge comes with specific

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Say hi to our brand new customer support chatbot Hello there, stranger! For the last four years we had been thinking about introducing live chat support options for customers on our site.  But we kept on pushing it off because of resource, technology and internal

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Portfolio performance. Holding period return What we would like to do now is to take our portfolio optimization model for a dry run and see how different allocation strategies are put together and evaluated for performance post allocation.  We will introduce and use the concept

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You are interested in creating your own investment portfolio. What are the elements or factors that you should consider when putting it together? In finance, there are two main pricing theories for valuing or assessing portfolios. The first one is the capital asset pricing model

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Celebrating Juno’s arrival on Jupiter. A five year journey comes to its planned end this coming Tuesday. As Juno prepares for Jupiter Orbital Insertion (JOI), the sequence of event and planning required to get Juno to this point is worthy of a risk management case

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