Building startups. I teach a course on building startups to undergraduate students at a local university. The audience includes sophomores, juniors and graduating seniors. We cover themes that touch the startup mindset, road maps to credibility and launch, customer personas, pitching, selling, product development, innovation

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The difference between Value and Growth investing. What is the difference between value and growth investing? How do the two investing models and frameworks differ from each other? Are there points where the two investing styles overlap or merg? Value investing focuses on finding undervalued

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Console Wars: The battle between Sega and Nintendo for American console market. I grew up playing games like Westwood’s Command and Conquer and Blizzard’s Warcraft: Reign of Chaos. These games went through their highs and lows eventually paving the way for other game studios to

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Circles of light One sweltering summer we invited our partners in Thailand for a round of meetings in Karachi. The year was 2006 and the city was mostly dug up as newly found money for development made way for flyovers, underpasses, road extensions and traffic

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Portfolio Alpha stability and portfolio optimization models Stability and robustness of portfolio Alphas – the excess return metric – and its implication for portfolio allocation and optimization models – a short thesis on portfolio alpha stability. How stable is your portfolio alpha – introducing alpha

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