In the previous post we reviewed the credit risk requirements under the internal ratings based (IRB) and advanced measurement approaches (AMA). In this post we focus on the various methods to recognize financial collateral in counterparty credit risk calculations. Eligible collateral is used to mitigate

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The Team Pakistan APICTA documentary. I promise this is my last APICTA post. No more. Everything else at work has been on hold since mid-November and this whole APICTA focus needs to shift to the other 99% of my life and work – so cross

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TeamPakistan at APICTA 2016 As the sun sets slowly behind the clouds in Taipei, Usama Noman, the founder of Botsify, an APICTA 2016 alum smiles and says softly, ‘Sometimes it is important to win; sometimes it is better to fail and learn a great deal

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