Building a great marketing video. A case study Build your story board first. If you are familiar with technology it is like a design document, a wiring or architecture blue print, shows you where all the big or small pieces go.  It needs to align

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The Gilgit Serena Hotel. Gilgit Serena’s facade is unassuming.  The driveway is paved with uneven pieces of slate.  There is a security barrier and a guard. The lobby is standard plush red carpet with hand woven pattern, the staff welcoming with open and generous smiles.

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The road to Gilgit. 24 years ago my memories of Chilas are of unending barren vistas and heat. Post Besham and Dasu, once you cross into Diamer you can immediately see the transition. Green moss and tree covered mountains transitioning into iron rich cliff faces

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Gilgit Hunza road trip – 2015 There are many ways I could describe how this particular road trip came together. But there are two that are foremost in my list.   Middle distance running in Peshawar and retracing the path our college tour took twenty four

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