In search of a perfect head shot for our author profile picture.

Apparently a good head shot makes for above average book sales. When you have packaged a book well with the right content, the right presentation and the right look and a potential buyer picks it up, he or she ultimately turns over to the […]

Dubai short stopovers – 48 hour food fest tips

Over the years I have made a list of must have short stopovers for food that I need to do whenever I make it to Dubai with my better half or a member of close family.

Figure 1 PQ – The Belgian organic breakfast place

This weekend, the long […]

ALM for Board and ALCO members – 7 posts in 60 minutes.

I have long felt a need a for a high level overview course on Asset Liability Management (ALM) for board members, executive committee and ALCO teams. A course that focuses in equal measure on high level concepts behind Asset Liability Management and basic […]