From Startups and Pitching to Selling Treasury Products

Welcome to the weekend and three spanking new courses live at Finance Training

In the Pitching Case Studies course (55 minutes) we review common challenges faced by startup and venture teams in making an impression, including:

  1. Making a pitch real
  2. Breaking the “They can’t do it mindset”
  3. Presenting and pitching financial models
  4. Visualizing customer pain and choice
  5. Building credibility with your audience
  6. Listening to the voice of the customer

The Pitching your business plan course (3 hours and change) was the original pre-requisite that led to Pitching Case Studies. While case studies dissected actual pitches, Pitching your business plans presented the framework that was used for dissection. Starting from the voice of the customer, we quickly waltz through business models, competition, competitive advantage and pitching.

In early September we ran Cross Selling Treasury Products (90 minutes) in Dubai for an audience of Corporate and Private Bankers. A market oriented video edition of our Treasury risk series, the Treasury product course focuses on the client exposure estimation question. Designed for Corporate RM’s and account managers, the video helps walk through the process and tools required to structure a solution for a client using a case study. Cross Selling Treasury Products goes live for purchase on Monday, 17th October.


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