Finance Training Courses: Top Posts in December

  1. Finance Course Store | Finance Training Courses – 453 Views
  2. Corporate Finance First Course | Finance Training Courses  – 256 Views
  3. ICAAP Internal Capital Adequacy Assessment Sample ICAAP report format and table of content | Corporate Finance Training Courses – 248 Views
  4. The Derivatives Crash Course for Dummies | Finance Training Courses  – 192 Views
  5. Calculating Forward Prices, Forward Rates and Forward Rate Agreements (FRA) Calculation reference | Corporate Finance Training Courses – 179 Views


The top posts on Finance Training Courses this month in December 2010 directly from Google Analytics. The finance training course store is getting good traction, followed by the first course in corporate finance for finance neophytes, followed by our most popular download on ICAAP. In terms of Click Through (CTR) traffic, the calculating forward rates reference has the highest CTR of over 20%.