Ratio Analysis

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Corporate Finance – First Course – Includes case study
Ratio Analysis – Includes 2 case studies

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Ratio Analysis

1. Understanding the Language

    i.            Insolvency
    ii.           Fixed & Variable Costs and Cost Functions
    iii.          Dividends
    iv.          Net Working Capital
    v.           Marketable Securities
    vi.          Debt
    vii.         Stakeholders
    viii.        Managerial Efficiency (ME)
    ix.          Fundamental Analysis

2. Introduction to Ratios

    i.            Ratios – Comparative Analysis
    ii.           The many faces of ratio analysis

3. Liquidity, Leverage, Profitability and Productivity

    i.            Liquidity
    ii.           Leverage
    iii.          Productivity
    iv.          Profitability

Case Study 1 – Office Depot

1. Overview

2. Financial Condition Review

3. Ratios – Quick Reviews

    i.           Leverage Ratio
    ii.          Productivity or Turnover Ratio
    iii.          Profitability Ratio

4. Industry review and a first look at ratios

    i.            Industry Analysis
    ii.           Liquidity Ratios
    iii.          Leverage Ratios
    iv.          Productivity Ratios
    v.           Profitability Ratios

Case Study 2 – Staples & Office Depot: Comparative Ratio Analysis

1. Staples – Overview
2. Financial Condition Review
3. Liquidity Ratios – Comparison

    i.            Current Ratio
    ii.           Quick Ratio

4. Leverage Ratios

    i.            Debt to Equity Ratio
    ii.           Debt to Total Assets
    iii.          Times Interest Earned (Coverage) Ratio
    iv.          Fixed Charge Coverage Ratio
    v.           Productivity Ratios

5. Profitability Ratios

    i.            Gross Profit Margin
    ii.           Operating Profit Margin
    iii.          Net Profit Margin
    iv.          Return on Assets (ROA)
    v.           Return on Equity (ROE)
    vi.          Basic Earning Power Ratio


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