Credit Process

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Credit Analysis – First Course
Credit Process
Credit Analysis – Financial Institution
Credit Analysis – Financial Institution – EXCEL Example

Course Contents

Credit Process

1.           Mindset

    i.            Intent
    ii.           Classification
    iii.          Pricing
    iv.          Fit

2.           Understanding the language

    i.            Capital Structure
    ii.           Debt (Leverage)
    iii.          Maturity
    iv.          Default
    v.           Interest
    vi.          Commitment Fees
    vii.         Credit Culture
    viii.        Liquidation costs
    ix.          Creditworthiness
    x.           Work-out and Charge off
    xi.          Owners’ Equity
    xii.         Bankruptcy
    xiii.        Stakeholders
    xiv.        Credit Limit
    xv.         Syndicate
    xvi.        Basis Points
    xvii.       Collateral

3.           Why do businesses borrow money?

    i.            Why does the firm need money, and what is it going to do with it?
    ii.           Why is the firm borrowing money?
    iii.          Sources of Repayment

4.           Lending Products

    i.            Line of Credit. 15

    ii.           Revolving Credit
    iii.          Bills discounting
    iv.          Term loans
    v.           Consumer Loans
    vi.          Trade credit
    vii.         Bonds

5.           Review

    i.            Credit Risk & Credit Analysis
    ii.           Credit Risk and Credit Spreads
    iii.          Credit Analysis Process

6.           Credit Culture and Information Gathering Foundations

    i.            Information Gathering – Foundations

7.           Information Gathering and Processing

    i.            Information Gathering – Data
    ii.           Information Processing

8.           The Credit Decision

    i.            Accept / Reject
    ii.           Term Sheets
    iii.          Loan Pricing
    iv.          Compliance & Documentation

9.           Credit Decision – Factors

    i.            Industry Analysis
    ii.           Business Analysis – Other Qualitative Factors
    iii.          Credit Rating Agencies
    iv.          Importance of Cash Flow Analysis in Credit Analysis
    v.           Cash Flow Statements

10.         Analyzing Cash flow Statements: Examples

    Example 1 – Office Depot
    Example 2 – Will and Can Inc.

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